Flying Swiss Knife

Famous projects of flying wind generators are always an invention of a device that solves several problems at once. Laddermill (Kite Power), KiteGen and Makani Power combines a lifter, a wind energy converter into mechanical energy and a power to ground transmitter. Altaeros combines in one device a mechanical energy concentrator and a lifter. kite-launch-4 foto-51 makani-energy-kite altaeros-floating-high-altitude-wind-turbine-10 Magenn-MARS-floating-wind-generator_3 Magenn tried to create a lifter, a wind into a mechanical energy converter, a mechanical into electricity energy converter, and all of them in a rotating balloon. All these projects, as well as many others, are similar in approach to the problem of extracting energy from high-altitude winds.Each command attempts to create a universal device that performs many tasks simultaneously. The inventors come from the same belief – the problem of holding the device in the air is the main one, therefore it is necessary to minimize the weight of the components and, if possible, make the components multitasking. This approach led to the fact that many projects after the noisy years of investment are in stagnation, and a number of projects have already become history. Noticeable also the more negative consequences of this approach – the beginning of loss the interest of investors and inventors to the problem itself.

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