Sewing of lifter

In the modular generator the lifter is not something new, but to have an impression of the technology of its manufacture is important for the following improvement of the all system. It is desirable to start with the most simple model of a single-lined kite with good feedback on its stability. A good internet-resource on this topic is here Although there are only parafoil among the large kites, I would recommend to remain in the segment of single-layer kites until the last. As soon as you start sewing, you will immediately feel the reason for such a conclusion. Following the results of tailoring Double Parasled in the size of 4,5m2 (not to mention Parafoil), I can say following: 1. You will need more paper for patterns. In 2-3 times. This is the smallest loss, but you will feel a sign of a wrong decision already at this stage. 2. You will need more cloth. If the kite type Fighter Kites area of 4.5m2 you need only 3 linear meters of cloth, then for Parafoil it will be about 10 linear meters. 3. With increasing number of elements the accuracy of production will dramatically fall. This will be especially noticeable on large size kites. The total error will bring together all: imprecise pattern, curves stitches, the inconvenience of working with a large size, uneven tightening of the top and bottom of the fabric when sewing, etc. 4. A wide variety of items and the complexity of the sewing will increase the probability of incorrect stitching, but ripping is a is very long process. 5.The total time spent creating a kite will many times increase . 6. The choice of cloth. In many sources it is suggested to use nylon (lining cloth). In no case! Only ripstop polyester! It is more expensive in 2 times, but there are a lot of advantages: – Polyester is stiffer for the same weight, and hence in the stitching accuracy will be much higher. He is not going to fold – Weighing 40g/m2 polyester is much stronger than a nylon – The edge of the nylon fluff when cutting with scissors – Ripstop involves stopping the breakdown of tissues – Cloth 100g/m2 and above not suitable for kite, especially for a Parafoil. Most likely by average wind that it just will not fly. Мой Double Parasled готов и я намечаю в ближайшее время испытания! Пока могу сказать, мой предыдущий лифтер, обычный Sled размером в 2 м2, был вполне устойчивым. My Double Parasled is ready and I plan to test it soon! For the moment I can say that my previous lifter, normal Blade with a size of 2 m2, was quite stable.

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